BiPAP Machine Price in Pakistan

How much does a BiPAP Machine Price in Pakistan?

Raza Corporation brings you the best BiPAP machine price in Pakistan with the fastest delivery all over Pakistan. Philips Respironics has been doing a lot of listening. They have loaded many of their machines with intelligence because they gathered yours by paying attention to your wants and needs! The Philips Respironics BiPAP with Heated Humidifier is a perfect example! It is a fixed BiPAP machine that provides two levels of air pressure: a higher pressure when you inhale and a lower pressure when you exhale.

BiPAP Machine Price in Pakistan

Product Features of BiPAP Machine Price in Pakistan

  • Real-time access for enhanced compliance and efficacy, The system helps you assess the success of treatment by granting improved real-time access to a patient’s data. Access daily patient usage, compliance, and efficacy data.
  • Bi-Flex technology enhances patient comfort, Bi-Flex pressure relief technology makes BiPAP therapy more like natural breathing by delivering pressure relief.
  • Clinically proven algorithms for advanced event detection, Continually monitor and adjust to a patient’s changing therapy needs with clinically proven algorithms, including the adjustable EPAP.
  • Encore simplifies patient management, This state-of-the-art data management, and reporting system automatically gathers vital patient information.
  • Humidity control technology for enhanced, comfortable therapy, Integrates with System One heated humidifier. The system analyzes ambient temperature, relative humidity, and patient flow, for enhanced comfort and compliance.
  • Three therapy modes suit all patients, The BiPAP Auto Bi-flex system has CPAP, fixed bi-level, and auto bi-level modes.

Raza Corporation are the authorized distributor of Philips Respironics, USA. We deal in variety of new and used BiPAP, CPAP and Non Invasive Ventilators: CPAP, Auto BiPAP, ST BiPAP AVAPS (5 modes) Portable BiPAP (with Battery backup) Portable Ventilator Large variety of most comfortable original masks. Also deal in Oxygen Concentrators and Oxygen Cylinders. Nationwide Network !

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