Bipap mask price in Pakistan

Bipap mask price in Pakistan is from 5000/= PKR to 45000/= PKR with headgear.

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Bipap full face mask

What is BiPAP Mask?

A BiPAP mask is designed to work with a BiPAP machine.

this is the same as a BiPAP mask and works with both kinds of machines.

No matter the label, CPAP and BiPAP masks are easily interchangeable and so many manufacturers only list it under one, popular name although the directions will specify a use for both types of machines. buy now

Full Face Mask

This is the most common type of mask and covers both your mouth and nose.

It is designed for those who suffer from the most severe type of sleep apnea and is a great BiPAP mask for mouth breathers as well.

Nasal Pillow

A nasal pillow, or nasal plug as it is sometimes called, is the least restrictive option.

It seals the nostrils to provide air directly to your airway. Plus, it doesn’t block your vision or speaking, although it may not stay put through the night well if you have a tendency to move around.

Other Options

There are also both oral masks and hybrid masks.

offered for those who are looking for something a little different. These aren’t as popular overall but do provide a good solution if the above choices are problematic

Bipap mask price in Pakistan.

Best Complete Nasal Mask System

Designed for comfort and performance, this system is made to stay put through the night and is considered a high performing mask. It includes three different seal sizes to fit a wider variety of shapes sizes and preferences, It is narrow for enhanced visibility when in use, and is very lightweight.


  • Adjusts to many sizes easily
  • Very lightweight
  • 3 sizes of seals are comfortable


  • Does not work well with glasses

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