Cpap Mask price in Pakistan

CPAP mask price in Pakistan is from Rs. 5,000/= to Rs. 35,000/= with free home delivery all over the Pakistan. at Raza corporation

We have CPAP machine full face mask and CPAP machine nasal mask for sale in Pakistan.

CPAP mask price in Pakistan
CPAP mask price in Pakistan

Full Face CPAP Mask Price in Pakistan:

This style covers the mouth and nose, allowing the option to breathe through both. Therefore some people find the full-face masks more comfortable in other words perfect choice because the wider surface space spreads oxygen pressure.

Nasal CPAP Mask Price in Pakistan :

There are two different types of nasal masks. The first type fits over the nose, covering from the bridge of the nose to the upper lip. They may or may not involve a forehead pad for safety.

Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask:

The “cushions” of a nasal pillow mask are two soft silicone pillows that fit just inside the nostrils. They inflate slightly to create the seal and deliver air directly to the nasal passage. This allows for a smaller, lighter mask that still provides an effective seal and minimizes the potential for air leakage.

Hybrid CPAP Mask:

A hybrid mask is like a face mask combined with a nasal pillow. The mask seals the mouth, but under the nose. Hybrid CPAP masks are best and a superb choice for CPAP consumer who needs a full face mask for best comfort but doesn’t want to cover the bridge of own nose.

Oral CPAP Mask:

Oral masks only seal around the mouth and require only minimal head protection. They can include a flap that sits between your teeth to help keep the mask stable. These masks can be useful for people with an injury or a deviated septum that prevents them from breathing through their nose.

Total Face CPAP Mask:

A full-face mask covers the entire face from chin to forehead. They are usually prescribed for patients with facial irregularities that prevent the mask from sealing properly or who have difficulty tolerating other types of masks. Raza Corporation

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