Oxygen concentrator on rent and sale

Oxygen concentrator on rent and sale in Pakistan at Raza corporation. we provide the best products with a complete warranty.

the rent price of the oxygen concentrator is Rs. 8,000/= per month.

we have been dealing for 12 years in respiratory equipment in Karachi.

Oxygen cylinder vs oxygen concentrator we have both but in oxygen concentrator you can get continues oxygen without any refill.

but in oxygen cylinder you have to refill again and again.

it ia available in Pakistan for rent and sale at Raza Corporation. oxygen concentrator is far better than oxygen cylinder you don’t have to fill oxygen in that it just produce oxygen from air and provide it to patients. oxygen concentrator comes in two variant one is 5 liter and other is 10 liter we have both machine available for rent and sale in Pakistan. we deliver All over Karachi. with free home delivery and free service all over Karachi. we provide complete accessories like nasal cannula humidifier bottle will be provided free of cost. https://razacorporation.com/portable-oxygen-concentrator/

Oxygen Therapy At Home Our post covid patients, some of them, they need oxygen therapy at home. Maybe not forever, but at least for the next 1 -2 months at home while their lungs are healing, clearing up the debris of post-covid. Subsequently, their lung function will improve, as well as the oxygenation. They will no longer have difficulty to breath, not reduced effort tolerance.

We provide oxygen cylinder, oxygen concentrator & all kinds of medical equipment. You can buy or rent a Linde oxygen cylinder, china oxygen cylinder, give us a call right now

document required for rental machine:

we take original CNIC for security reasons.

need complete address.

take advance rent (which is not refundable)

Oxygen concentrator 5 liter on rent:

we provide 5 liter oxygen concentrator rent price for 15 days is Rs. 5,000/=

and we also have 5 liter oxygen concentrator rent price for 1 month is Rs 8,000/=

oxygen concentrator 10 liter on rent

  1. we have 10 liter oxygen concentrator rent price for 15 days is Rs. 15,000/=.
  2. and we also have oxygen concentrator rent price for 1 month is Rs. 30,000/=.
Oxymax oxygen concentrator for sale in Pakistan.

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