Oxygen concentrator price in Karachi (0305-2568444)

Oxygen concentrator price in karachi is from 65000/= PKR from 165000/= PKR. They comes with One year warranty. it can be seen at Raza corporation. the machines comes at 5liter to 10 liter per minute capacity. they comes with different sizes and shapes and different models like.

Phlips everflow oxygen concentrator

Philips Everflo 5L Oxygen concentrator

Philips Oxygen concentrator Price in Karachi is 155000/=PKR. It comes with complete accessories like humidifier bottle nasal cannula connector and user manual and with One year warranty. everlo concentrator is an USA based oxygen concentrator. it can produce up to 5liter Oxygen per minute. ORDER NOW


nput voltage: 120 VAC +/- 10%

Input frequency: 60 hz

The Average power consumption: 350 watts

It prodice Oxygen concentration* (at 5 lpm): 93% (+/- 3%)

Liter flow: 0.5 to 5 liters per minute

Weight: 31 lbs (14 kg)

The Sound level: 45 dBA typical

It Dimensions: 23″ (584 mm) h, 15″ (381 mm) w, 9.5″ (241 mm) d

It Required maintenance: Compressor intake filter: change every 2 years

OPI (oxygen percentage indicator) alarm levels: Low oxygen: 82%, very low oxygen: 70%

Operating temperature: 55°F to 90°F (12°C to 32°C)

Storage/transport humidity: -30°F to 160°F (-34°C to 71°C) up to 95% relative humidity

yuwell oxygen concentrator

Yuwell Oxygen concentrator

The machine price in Karachi is 65000/= It is with complete accessories humidifier bottle nasal canula oxygen mask user manual. the machine is with one year complete warranty of device only no external feature warranty. It is an chines make company and they are providing oxygen concentrator in Pakistan from the year 2000. It can produce oxygen from 1 to 5 liters per minute. the machine is available at raza corporation. ORDER NOW


It supply: AC220±22V,50±1Hz.

The Input power: 320VA.

The Oxygen flow: 0.5~3L/min.

Oxygen concentration: 93%±3%

Output pressure: 20~50kPa

Operation noise: ≤55dB (A)

sanrai oxypure oxygen concentrator

Sanrai Oxypure Oxygen concentrator

Oxypure Oxygen concentrator price in Karachi is 95000/= PKR. It is with complete accessories. It has humidifier bottle nasal cannula face mask and user manual. the machine is with one year complete warranty. This is an USA made device. It can produce up to 5 liter per minutes oxygen to patient. Oxygen machines are available for sale at Raza corporation. ORDER NOW


Model: Oxypure

The Oxygen Flow 0f this machine is 0.5 to 5 Liters per minute.

Its Delivers with Method Continuous.

The Sound Levels of the machine is (dBA) ≤40.

The Weight of this device is (kg)15.2.

The Size of this machine is (LxWxH) 370 x 330 x 580mm.

The Cord Length (m)2 m.

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