Oxygen Cylinder Price in Pakistan

How much does an Oxygen Cylinder Price in Pakistan?

Raza Corporation provide Oxygen cylinders for hospitals, clinics, homes, and more, Oxygen in high-pressure gas cylinders, and liquid medical oxygen containers in a variety of sizes are available. Oxygen Cylinder price in Pakistan is comes in different sizes.

Oxygen Cylinder Price in Pakistan

Medical Oxygen (O2) | Oxygen Cylinder Price in Pakistan

The Several other medical conditions require the use of medical oxygen to sustain life including cardiovascular and respiratory arrest, severe hemorrhage, shock and trauma, carbon monoxide poisoning, and cyanosis.

How oxygen supplied:

Medical Oxygen Cylinder Price in Pakistan is supplied in liquefied and gaseous form. When supplied in liquefied form, vaporizes the liquid to a gas at ambient temperature for inhalation through lungs.

  • Quick application for emergency use.
  • Oxygen Therapy kit for use in the emergency clinic, or home use transport.
  • The robust construction of steel trolley.
  • Powder-coated finish.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Quick application.
  • Complete with mask, ready to use, once the cylinder is filled.
  • Available in a pre-configured kit with 48 ft cylinder

Oxygen Therapy Sets for the home of a clinic us as completely ready-to-use kits.

Oxygen Cylinder Price in Pakistan is considered the best two products among portable oxygen concentrators.

Both of these FAA-approved of types of equipment is compact as well as lightweight. The former model that weighs ten pounds gives the largest battery life and the latter version weighs only six pounds.

Respironics Ever Go is the most ideal oxygen concentrator for physically active patients.

With the 2 batteries it weighs about ten lbs and with a single battery, the total weight will be only eight lbs.

With eight hrs of battery life, this model is considered the best portable. This device is provided with a touch screen that is resistant to water as well as fluids.  both batteries can be used simultaneously or with a single battery, the device can be put to use.

oxygen concentrator will function for four hours with a single battery. The battery is rechargeable and will provide the same duration again.

The pulse flow of this concentrator is adjustable within the range of one to six and it goes up by ½ increments. While extra batteries are available,

Oxygen Cylinder Also available in Pakistan

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