Oxygen Cylinder


Oxygen Cylinder
Portable medical oxygen cylinder is the use of military technology to produce a new type of oxygen supply device, with a small, lightweight, stable pressure, flow accurate, reliable quality, use of safety features. Can meet a variety of special conditions of use, and can be refillable, long-term use. Medical units, field ambulance and ideal for family health oxygen equipment.

Product performance structure of the Oxygen cylinder:

The product from the oxygen cylinder, flow switch, pressure reducer, oxygen pressure gauge, oxygen switches, safety valves, oxygen flow meter, oxygen tube, humidifiers and other components.

Raza Corporation provides Oxygen Cylinder

Raza Corporation provides immediate home healthcare relief to the people of underprivileged backgrounds suffering from coronavirus or other breathing issues, Raza Corporation Pakistan has started providing oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators to the patients being isolated at their homes.

The service is aimed to provide immediate support to critical patients who are suffering from breathing issues caused by the infection of coronavirus. The staff of Raza Corporation Pakistan also provide required training to the family members of the patients to use this highly sophisticated medical equipment at home. Already, Raza Corporation Pakistan is providing pulmonary equipment and services for the people infected by the virus.

The Life Saving Treatment

You Know, What happens is with some illnesses such as COVID-19 or pulmonary issue, the oxygen levels in the body can get low. So, to keep your oxygen levels at the normal range, we have to give medical oxygen treatment. Now, when your oxygen levels are low because of a sickness such as COVID-19 or any other pulmonary issue, the cells in the body don’t have enough oxygen to do their normal function in every cell of the body requires oxygen for normal function. So, if the oxygen levels are low, if they are low for a long time, if it’s not treated, then the cells themselves stop working well. Then, they stop working completely and cells can die. So, then what you can see is that the organs start, your organs once, your organs, you know, your brain, your heart, your lungs, your kidneys all require oxygen. So, they’ll start to malfunction in very extreme cases that can cause death. So, again, the life saving treatment here then is the medical oxygen cylinder. So, the medical oxygen cylinder gives the normal level of oxygen to the patient, let’s say, for example, from a cylinder is that you’re now breathing in almost, you know, pure oxygen. And that is what we give patients to keep oxygen levels at a normal level in the body.

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