philips everflo oxygen concentrator

Philips Everflo Oxygen Concentrator

Up to now, oxygen concentrators were very similar weighty, huge, shouting or requiring frequent maintenance. Philips Everflo Oxygen Concentrator is a special stationary concentrator that bring what home care providers want and patients deserve.

Everflo by Respironics is an American medical supply company specializing in oxygen concentrators, which we supply for rent and sale in Pakistan.

Philips Everflo Oxygen Concentrator price in Pakistan is Rs. 160,000/- with one year warranty

Product Description of Philips Everflo Oxygen Concentrator

The Philips EverFlo is a forward-thinking, efficient, compact and easy-to-handle oxygen product that saves you time and money over the course of ownership.

EverFlo has only two filters. The outside filter can be replaced in a few minutes without special skills or equipment, and the internal micro disk filter is easy to inspect during routine maintenance procedures.

EverFlo has an easy-to-assemble humidifier bottle connection and no patient filter.

Molded handle that’s easy to pick up and carry with one or both hands.

Philips Everflo Oxygen Concentrator Features

Everflo Oxygen Concentrator Lightweight for easy transport

The Philips Everflo from Respironics Oxygen Concentrator weighs just 14 KG, decreases shipping and storage costs, and has less risk of injury.

The dense design looks less like a medical machine

EverFlo’s ergonomic shape takes up less space and doesn’t attract as much attention.

The Right Fit series focuses on patients' requirements

EverFlo is part of the Right Fit Series, a comply portfolio of long suffering patient-inspired oxygen products and programs designed for companies.

Everflo Oxygen Concentrator is Low maintenance for reduced service costs

No homecare provider filter changes for two years. Patients never need to change filters.

Lower power consumption makes EverFlo patient-friendly

The system uses a very low voltage of electricity and produces less heat.

Humidifier bottle platform for extra flexibility

The program is designed to be fitted with all bottle shapes/styles and features an easy-to-use closure.

Built-in flow meter reduces accidental breakage

Built-in flow meter reduces accidental breakage

Oxygen purity indicator option for added safety

EverFlo is convenient along with or without an oxygen purity measure. This Oxygen Percent Indicator (OPI) ultrasonically measures oxygen output as a measure of purity.

The long-Lasting metal cannula is Strong and not easy to damage or break

The long-Lasting metal cannula is Strong and not easy to damage or break

Philips Everflo Oxygen Concentrator Specifications

General system

Sound level: 45 (typical) dB

Dimensions: 58.4 cm H x 38.1 cm W x 24.1 cm D (23″ H x 15″ W x 9.5″ D)

Operating Altitude: 0 to 2286 m (0 to 7500 ft)

OPI (Oxygen Percentage Indicator) Alarm Levels: Low Oxygen (82%) and Very Low Oxygen (70%)

Storage / Transport Humidity: -34°C to 71°C (-30°F to 160°F) up to 95% relative humidity

Weight: 14 (31) kg (lbs)

Average Power Consumption: 350 W

Operating Temperature: 12°C to 32°C/55°F to 90°F

Liter Flow: 0.5-5 l / min

Outlet Pressure: 5.5 PSI

Operating Humidity: up to 95 %

Input Frequency: 60 Hz

Oxygen concentration* (at 5 LPM): 93 +/- 3 %

Input Voltage: 120 +/- 10% VAC

Provided by Raza Corporation

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