ResMed S9 VPAP ST-A with iVAPS


Protect every breath

The S9 VPAP™ ST-A with intelligent Volume-Assured Pressure Support (iVAPS) offers an intelligent option for noninvasive ventilation for patients. Learn more about iVAPS.

Evidence from a recent study conducted on patients naive to noninvasive ventilation indicated that when treated with iVAPS, they adhered to therapy for 60 minutes longer (per session) than when treated with standard pressure support (PS) modes.1

Key features
Targets alveolar ventilation for stable gas exchange in a variety of breathing conditions
Includes a Learn Targets mode to make it easier to set up with minimal respiratory expertise required
Applies intelligent backup rate (iBR) only when needed, maximizing spontaneous breathing while providing a safety net
Includes Vsync leak compensation and TiControl™ to significantly improve patient-ventilator synchrony

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